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1436L St. Clair 7.89 All wooded, surveyed Listing
1506L St. Clair 8 Home, outbuildings, fenced pasture, pond, springs Listing
1511A Monroe 40.94 Tillable, wooded, lake, pond, buildings Auction
1485L Washington 47 Wooded, hunt cabin Listing
1496A Pulaski 12 Former Cat Littler Plant Auction
MO028L Cape Girardeau 236 Open, wooded, pond, CRP, buildings Listing
1476L Marion 3.5 Home Listing
1488L Jackson 5 Home, outbuildings Listing
1472A Randolph 100 85 tillable acres Auction
1457L Randolph 1.6 Home, pole barn Listing
1474L Jackson 57.5 Home, mostly wooded Listing
1390L Madison 16.44 Wooded, open, creek Listing
1119L Jefferson 13 Open, wooded Listing
1487L Iroquois 120 All tillable Listing
1449L Jackson 5 Home, mostly open Listing
1475L Union 20 Tillable, wooded Listing
1473A Saline 45 Farmstead w/home and bldgs, organic farm Auction
1393L Monroe 10 Home, building, mostly open land Listing
1304L Monroe 8 Home, partly wooded Listing
1441L Perry 37.82 2 older homes, buildings, tillable, wooded Listing
1398L Williamson 51 Home, pole barn, wooded Listing
1227L Jackson Lot Lot Listing
1468L Williamson 11.27 Fenced, tillable, pasture Listing
1412L St. Clair 3 Home Listing
1453A Perry 135 Mostly tillable, home Auction
1463L Clay 20 Timberland Listing
1400L St. Clair 20 Farmland Listing
1340L Monroe 3 Newer home Listing
1287L Clark 462 Timber, tillable, CRP, ponds, barn, tower blinds Listing
1401L Monroe 54 Mostly wooded, some pasture Listing
1451L Gallatin 120 Mostly tillable Listing
1324L Williamson 80 Hunt/recreational property, timber, pond Listing
1207L Perry 27 Home, outbuildings, mostly tillable Listing
1367A Randolph 360 Highly productive farm Auction
1376L Union 17.88 Surveyed, home, buildings Listing
1411L Monroe 5.38 Home, fenced pasture, outbuildings Listing
1419L Clay 76.8 Tillable, wooded Listing
1060L Williamson 182 Cabin, wooded, ponds, lakes Listing
1195L Marion 122 Home, woods, creek bottoms, pond, pole barn Listing
1379L Shelby 25 2 homes, lake, wooded Listing
1285L Clinton 11 Home, wooded Listing
989L Johnson 53 Timber, overgrown pasture Listing
1399A Macon 124 Highly productive farm w/home and bldgs Auction
1413A Jackson 225 Cropland, wooded, home sites, hunting Auction
1429L Wayne 40 Open, timber Listing
1362L Richland 16.7 Tillable, timber, home sites Listing
1408L Marion 40 CP-3A, open, wooded Listing
MO026AL Cape Girardeau 301 Cropland, riparian acres, wooded Listing
1187L Bond 87 Tillable, hills, valleys, timber Listing
1144L Perry 27 Home, pole barns, pond, cropland Listing
1417L/1418L Clay 120 With 95+- tillable acres Listing
1402L Randolph 34 Home, pole barns, pond, wooded Listing
1428L Marion 120 Tillable Listing
1385A Jefferson/Wayne 160 Farmland, timberland, home/duplex Auction
1355L Fayette 160 Mobile home, pole barn, wooded, ponds, lakes, wetlands Listing
1407L Randolph 3.5 Home and pole barn Listing
1284L Madison 36 Tillable, wooded, home site Listing
1339L Randolph 3.2 Open land w/pole barn Listing
1421L Wayne 15 Open, timber, home site Listing
1392L Saline 40 Wooded Listing
1298A Franklin 87 With 77 tillable acres Auction
1350L St. Clair 29 Tillable Listing
1369L Randolph 11.5 Home, building, pond, cropland, woods Listing
1317L Marion 184 Mostly wooded, creek Listing
1346L Wayne 35 Wooded, tillable, shared lake Listing
1394AL Williamson 70 Mostly tillable Listing
1386A St. Clair 82 Mostly tillable, some wooded Auction
1322L Clay 14 Mobile home, building, wooded, pond Listing
1403L Marion 16.81 Wooded Listing
1370L Moultrie 128 Tillable, wooded, pond Listing
1353A Woodford 211 Zoned heavy industrial, mostly wooded Auction
1378L Marion 15 Open, wooded Listing
999L Franklin 17 Luxury home, unattached garage, lake Listing
1387L Randolph 27 Cabin, wooded Listing
1377L Wayne 7.5 Cabin, buildings Listing
1381L Marion 168 Wooded, pasture, pond, CRP Listing
1366A Randolph 70 Wooded Auction
1241L Marion 10 Wooded Listing
1320L Clay 88 Home, pole barn, tillable, wooded Listing
1338A Jackson 130 Home, buildings, pasture, timber, open Auction
1365L Union 40 Wooded, pasture Listing
1218L Jackson 40 Cabin, wooded, pond Listing
1363A Williamson 30 Mostly tillable Auction
1360A Monroe 64 Mostly tillable Auction
1107L Monroe 31 Home, barn, pasture, CRP Listing
1359L Johnson 230 Home, lodge, lakes, ponds, pasture Listing
1348A Marion 50 Home, buildings, tillable, wooded, pasture Auction
1371L Randolph 2 Home Listing
1212L Perry 82 Wooded, tillable, lake Listing
1293L Wayne 5 Home, building Listing
1325A Franklin 98 Mostly cropland land Auction
1356L Marion 66 Former rock quarry, lakes, home sites Listing
1316L Monroe 8.75 Home, pole barn Listing
1267L Perry 10 Log home, detached garage, wooded setting Listing
1328A Massac 97 With 88+- Tillable Acres Auction
1273L Richland 107.5 CRP / CP22 Tree Program Listing
1318A Wayne 227 Mostly tillable grain farm Auction
1319L Randolph 3.5 Mobile home, buildings Listing
1331L Jefferson 9.93 Timber, open area Listing
1326L St. Clair 4.39 Home, buildings Listing
804L Wayne 120 Wooded, lake, Little Wabash River frontage Listing
995L Union 30 Home, horse barn, fenced pasture, pond, timber Listing
1299L Randolph 2.3 Homestead Listing
1300A Jackson 26 Homestead, open Auction
1321L Macoupin 40 Wooded, open, CRP Listing
1305L Monroe 18 Home, partly wooded Listing
1128L Monroe 65 Home, tillable, wooded, ponds Listing
1271L Johnson 120 Wooded, open, pole barn Listing
1329A Alexander 205 Tillable Auction
1295L Franklin 91 Muddy River Duck Club Listing
1221L Clay 82 Home, wooded, rolling hills Listing
1283A Clay 160 Tillable Auction
1101A Williamson 187 Tillable, mobile home, barn Auction
1289A Cumberland 200 Prime farmland Auction
1222L Monroe 10 Home, wooded, open Listing
1183L Hamilton 80 Cropland, wooded Listing
1239A St. Clair 117 Mostly tillable with homestead Auction
1182L Greene 80 Duck Club Listing
1193L Jefferson 60 Cabin, wooded, pond Listing
1279A Perry 157 Mostly tillable Auction
1219LA Madison 56.6 Mostly tillable Auction
1235L Monroe 87 Open, lake Listing
1208A Effingham 64 Cropland Auction
1191L Fayette 5 Wooded with creek Listing
1277A Marion 40 Tillable, wooded Auction
1206L Randolph 85 Home, pole barns, open land, wooded Listing
1085L Williamson 75 Mostly Farmland Listing
1239AL Williamson 19 Home and Wooded Listing
1009L Jackson 10 Wooded and Open Listing
1203A Gallatin 191 Tillable, wooded Auction
1263L Fayette 20 Wooded, home site Listing
1247L Wayne 40 Wooded Listing
655L Jackson 52 Wooded, recreational Listing
1249L Wayne 40 Wooded Listing
1159L Marion 59.6 Cropland, CRP Listing
1259L Fayette 28 Tillable, wooded Listing
1250A Saline/White 74 Home (Saline), tillable (White) Auction
1237A Jackson/Alex Lots Lots Auction
1255A Jackson/Union 744 With 675 tillable, grain storage, wooded Auction
1088L Perry 183 Wooded, wetlands, farmland, CRP, ponds Listing
1088L Perry 10 Home, buildings Listing
1242L Clay 60 All wooded Listing
990L Saline 60 Wooded, cabin Listing
1231L Monroe 14 Wooded, tillable, older home and buildings Listing
1214L Shelby 12 Home, pasture, woods, pond Listing
1189L Williamson 117 Cropland, wooded, fragmite covered wetlands Listing
1220L Marion 3 Home Listing
1220L Marion 182 Wooded, tillable Listing
1141L Monroe 3.6 Home and buildings Listing
1137L Bond 40 Home, buildings, tillable, wooded Listing
MO28A Franklin 162 Timberland, river frontage, rock bluffs, barn Auction
1246L Clay 41 Cabin, wooded, open Listing
1233L Clay 41 Wooded, CRP Listing
929L St. Clair 4 Wooded, barn Listing
999L Franklin 35 Mostly tillable Listing
1165L Cumberland 40 Hunt property Listing
1164L Cumberland 40 Hunt property Listing
1188L Bond 49 Mostly tillable, some wooded Listing
1226A Jefferson 40 Tillable, wooded Auction
804L Wayne 37 Wooded Listing
1157L Marion 80 Tillable, wooded, building Listing
1170L Jasper 20 Wood, CRP Listing
1211A Marion 57 Tillable Auction
1151L Monroe 20 Home, buildings, pond, fenced pasture Listing
1210L Monroe 4 Open, wooded Listing
1216A Randolph 202 Mostly tillable, some wooded Auction
1139L Randolph 1 Home, building Listing
1008L Woodford 4 Wooded Listing
968L Randolph 50 Tillable, wooded, pond Listing
1201A Jackson 120 Tillable Auction
1176L Jackson 53 Saltpeter Cave Listing
1186L Jefferson 20 Home, buildings, ponds, wooded, open Listing
1174L Randolph 20 Open, tillable, home Listing
923L Wayne 36 Wooded, tillable, pond, buildings Listing
1174L Union 385 Anna Nursery, home Listing
1002L Perry 70 Tillable, wooded Auction
1143L Bond 9.5 Open, wooded, building Listing
1177L Jackson   Restaurant Listing
1198L Fayette 28 Farmland, some wooded Listing
1199L Hamilton 40 Home, buildings, wooded Listing
981L Williamson 16.82 Open grassland, few wooded acres Listing
1023L Peoria 107 Hunt property Listing
1055L Cumberland 20.8 Home, garage, wooded, open Listing
1190L Saline 148 Reclaimed mine land, grasslands, ponds, wood Listing
1154L Macoupin 10.5 Home, buildings, pond Listing
1178L Jackson 42.5 Home, pond, pasture, tillable, wooded Listing
1192L Monroe 83 Farmland Listing
1130L Monroe 7 Home, pond, buildings Listing
1109L Marshall 86 Tillable, food plot, dove field, home site Listing
1096L Jackson 35.5 Home, buildings Listing
1173L Washington 14 Wooded Listing
937L Randolph 263 Farm w/home and buildings Listing
1155L Jefferson 48 Wooded, tillable, CRP Listing
1171L Marion 40 Woodlands, CRP Listing
1138L Johnson 120 Cropland, pasture, older home, barn Listing
1117A Randolph 30 Home, tillable, wooded, lake Auction
973L Monroe 12 Home, mostly wooded, pond, fenced pasture Listing
804L Wayne 60 Wooded Listing
1132L Clay 306 Tillable, quail strips Listing
1117A Randolph 185 Lakes, hunting, fishing, cabin Auction
1153L Richland 15 Tillable Listing
1008L Woodford Multiple Mature timber Listing
1079L Jackson 28.32 Tillable and wooded Listing
1136L Richland 40 CRP, pond Listing
1018L Marion 91 Tillable, pasture, CRP, cabin, lake Listing
1132L Clay 192 Tillable Listing
1089A Randolph 18.45 Building sites Auction
1103A Pulaski 264 Tillable, timber, building sites Auction
1069A Randolph 175 Wooded Auction
1041L Wayne 65 Wooded Listing
1110L Marion 33 Wooded, open prairie Listing
1131L Richland 150 Hunt property, CRP Listing
MO00021L Perry (MO) 67.5 Homestead, pasture, wooded, rock bottom creeks Listing
1084A Randolph 76 Mostly tillable Auction
1086A Washington 729 Excellent farmland, hunting, ponds, home sites Auction
1068A Monroe 2.5 Homestead Auction
1063A Monroe 65 Tillable Auction
1110L Clay 40 Tillable Listing
1059L Randolph 200 Farmland Listing
932L Edwards 23.5 Wooded, hunt property Listing
1062L Monroe 17 Open land Listing
1078L Wayne 15 Home, barn, pond, pasture Listing
1063A Monroe 65 Tillable Auction
1097L Wayne 40 Tillable, wooded, ponds Listing
1034L Clay 5 Wooded Listing
938L Clay 40 Hunting/recreational tract Listing
813L Hamilton 20 Grasslands, CRP Listing
909L Hamilton 42.8 Hunt property, hunt cottages, trees stands Listing
1082L Clay 14 Home, building, pond, wooded Listing
1038A Monroe 189 Mostly tillable Auction
1058A Randolph 580 Wooded, island, hunt property Auction
1072L Wayne 40 Mostly tillable Listing
1081L Clay 20 Tillable Listing
1076L Wayne 40 Tillable, pasture, small pond Listing
966L Fayette 160 Mobile home, apartment, wooded, pasture, ponds, wetlands Listing
1031L Marion 16 Home, outbuilding Listing
978L Hamilton 40 Tillable, wooded areas Listing
957L St. Clair 6 Wooded, open Listing
928L Jackson 10 Home, wooded Listing
1039A Randolph 179 Cropland, wooded Auction
1030A Marion 160 Mature timber, CRP Auction


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