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I started working while in high school for an automotive mail order business, Mid-America Corvette Supplies.  I gained confidence and some valuable marketing philosophies during my tenure with this fast growing company. The owner, Mike Yager, taught me to be aggressive and instilled in me that you have to take a chance to get a head in this world.  Many of the things he said to me are still vivid 20+ years later.

I worked for another great company, J & J Ventures Vending, as a route sales person. The experience I gained in this position was working with the public and understanding what they, the public, my customers, wanted which was service. This was a commission based pay system, and you quickly learn to take care of the customer in the vending business. The father and son owners of this company also allowed me time off to pursue a real estate career as a buyer and seller of land.  Jim and Jack Jansen and their families also showed me just exactly what “good folks” owners and “bosses” can be.

Through this period I bought and sold many properties and several of these “deals” were handled by a realtor named Wayne Keller.  Since those early days of real estate, I seldom go more than a few days without talking real estate with Wayne.  Wayne’s influence and support were decisive in my choice to pursue real estate as a career.  As a realtor and as an individual, Wayne’s knowledge, work ethics and his personal ethics are something I’ve admired and used to compare all other realtors and individuals to.

From 1998 to July of 2005 I worked as an independent contractor for another good company, Farmers National Company, as a Real Estate Sales Associate. Through FNC I met an entire company full of great individuals.  My association with Mark Kennedy and Brenda Koon Chandler came from my tenure with FNC.  From this relationship, Mark, Brenda, Wayne and I started Buy A Farm Land and Auction Company.

Out of all the individuals and businesses I have learned from, my Dad influenced me the most.  His candid opinions were hard to accept. But as I grow older, raise my kids and move forward in life, I continually understand and value his words.

My passion in life has nearly always been hunting and the outdoors.  From the time I was old enough to walk, I followed Dad to the woods chasing squirrels, doves and quail.  As Illinois evolved into a great deer hunting state, I also evolved into an obsessed deer hunter. When Illinois started having turkeys, I evolved into an obsessed turkey hunter also. If that wasn’t enough, I started buying some hunting property and learning about the government CRP programs, wetland program and shallow water programs which intrigued my interest and I built one and then another. I quickly learned that if you develop good habitat, mother nature will take care of the rest. I now have more than 200 acres of constructed permanent wetlands and another 100 acres of seasonally controlled wetland areas.  So guess what? I am an avid waterfowl hunter as well. Throw in a yearly trip out west chasing elk and mule deer and occasional bear hunt, you might quickly understand why I am hard to find during hunting season.  I am a sponsor for Ducks Unlimited and the NWTF. In addition I am a life member of the Illinois Bowhunters Society, a member of the Wetland Managers Association, member of Boone and Crocket  and a regular member of the Pope and Young.

If you have a need for a real estate company or if you just enjoy talking the great outdoors, give me a call!

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  • Timberland with Some Open Areas - May Divide!

    60.00 Acres | $299,000
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  • Recreational Property Overlooking Ohio River

    195.00 Acres | $795,000
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