2150+- Acres Richland and Wayne Counties 1710L

Richland,Wayne County| 2,150 Acres| $4,300,000| Olney IL

Off Market

Recreational Property Enrolled in Wetland Reserve Program

2,150+- acres located in Wayne and Richland Counties in East Central Illinois near Olney. This property is a large, continuous tract of land and to understand how large it is in writing is difficult. It’s not often that someone on an ATV can not get a good look at the entire property in a single day! Entire acreage is enrolled in the Wetland Reserve Program.

I will try and explain the size of this parcel:

  • The property boundary alone is 15 miles in length.
  • 675 acres of timberland.
  • 525 acres of built wetland impoundments.
  • 500+ acres of natural wetland area.
  • 450+ acres of land in tree planting and just emerging habitat.
  • Accessible to a road in 12 locations.
  • The Fox River travels thru the property.
  • From north to south it is over 4 miles long.
  • From east to west it is 1 1/2 miles wide.

Wildlife, the word that comes to mind is WOW!  There is Phenomenal Waterfowl hunting, Phenomenal Whitetail Deer hunting, Phenomenal Turkey Hunting and very good upland game hunting!

In terms of waterfowl, this property has virtually transformed the flight path of ducks in the past 10 years in Eastern Illinois. The farm has not been commercially hunted and in no way over hunted. Nothing has been done to improve it except the addition of levees….can you imagine adding food plots to this waterfowl mecca?

Quality Deer??  You bet! This place is a whitetail hunters dream. Its size alone is nearly impossible to duplicate these days in central Illinois or anywhere big Midwestern whitetails roam. The cover is thick and I mean in some places nearly impenetrable, which spells as any good deer hunter knows is the key to holding “big bucks”. Like the waterfowl, no effort has been made to improve upon this with food plots and I would say establishing sanctuaries however this place is just that already. The owner has allowed some, however, very limited hunting over the years.

Turkeys, bunnies and quail are abundant!

This property is large, and because of that it demands a big price tag and obviously not affordable to most. That said, there are a couple things a person can do if they have an interest. Give us a call and lets talk about it, make us an offer on a sizable tract and we can go to the owner and see what we can get done. We are not making any promises in this regard just that we will get some dialogue started and see were it goes. On a different note, and not something you would typically see in a real estate ad, if you are a sportsman, you know, finding a place to hunt is getting tougher every day.  The State of Illinois, a pro-hunting conservation group, or similar entity should own this property!  The preservation of these types of places, especially continuous, are greatly needed to increase hunting opportunities. This property is larger in size than 90% of all the state parks in Illinois. The next time a politician knocks on your door or calls for your vote, ask them to consider adding this property to their priority list for all residents to enjoy!

Give us a call!

Property Map

Co Rd 2375N, Olney, IL